Thursday, April 27, 2017


Hi there, I am not giving up on dollies at all.
Mercu, Paja and Sacralita came home safely and I am still in love with all of my girls.

Thing is, late summer was overwhelming. I got a job in Disneyland, far from home and had not a single minute to take any pic of my newly arrived honeys.

Back home, I found out I had lost my camera's battery and never took time to buy another. My phone being prehistorical, I can't count on it too.

But still, I'll try to borrow one, because out of my 11 full sized girls, only two got their showtime here!

Stay tuned :)

Monday, May 9, 2016

♫ ♪ ♥ ナイフと砂糖 ♥ ♪ ♫

Hi there!
Felt quite sad those days, so I picked up three of my grail dolls.

What a strange feeling to know that dolls you've been waiting for YEARS (I mean like these three were my ultimate dream dolls back in middleschool, found some notebooks from 2009-2010 where I was writting about how much I dreamed about these girls).

 ♥ Cosmic Mercu (and her twin Jupi) was most wanted. I bought little version of both skyish sisters 6 years ago, now Full-scale time has come and I'm just like I want to cry my eyes out.
 ♥ Paja... Everybody who's been into dolls since 2008 know how much blondie AKA Dino girl was sought after. Remember seeing her going for 500+ on ebay. I came back on the hobby discovering she had be re-released twice. Now nightgown senpaï's become a common model to own. What happened that day of 2010 is about to unfold once again. One Japan-based conv long ago, I stepped through the stand of a pullip clothes maker and into this beauty. Those eyes will look inside of my soul once again, but this time it's gleaming for me !

Disney Fan forever.
♥ Sacralita, dear little nun... The convinced atheist that I am fell for this little face. I remember showing her to my grandmother, telling me that she'd get me her if I found this jewel for less than 200.
I'm so excited I could grab this precious grail, can't wait to suprise my grandma with Nun-chan!

Self post time isn't coming. Life is just so boring sometimes the only thing I can do except spending money that I don't have *sob* is to write useless words on the 深海の深さ of the internet.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Among the flowers and the trees...

Hi dollies!

Sun conviced Lan Ai and LRRH to go out for a little walk among the flowers and the trees...

Sorry for the bunch of pics, I just couldn't figure out which were the best among these ^^;

What do you think about my two meadow girls? ♫ ♪

Friday, March 4, 2016

Into the woods ~ Pullip Little Red Ridding Hood

May I introduce you my Little red ridding Hood Pullip.
She's from 2004, I received her a bit yellowing.
Nevertheless, a grail doll is a grail doll...

In love with my little sweetheart... Look forward to a more "review-ish" post about her soon ♥

Saturday, January 23, 2016

New order!!

Hi dollies!
Ages for I did not take time to update this blog, but it seems I am getting more and more readers, even if nobody dare to leave a comment (why don't you?)

My other hobby, lolita fashion, tended to take more room inside my life therefore Pullip got litteraly... In the attic (the real one that time).

that was befor eBay decided Pullip didn't show off their adorable faces to my weak own one.

that resulted on a HUGE ORDER including following Ladies

 Arietta, Carol, Lan Ai, Little red riding hood, China China

Dreams coming true. Probably gonna write more about each of them in specific post who'll come later.

Also added fancy stuff to my order, including timulus taeyang, two little (Swan, the christmas twin Carol and Rudolph and... My lovely Froggy!!!) plus a bunch of outfits I'll probably end up to sell.

Wondering about making an unboxing video... Anyone interested?

take care dollies ♥

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

2003 Pullip List

Well... I don't own a lot of dolls for now.

Anyway, I can't help but dream. Dream about an old school collection, entierly filled with those wonderful dolls. Including NRFB ones. Some treasures impossible to find.

(FirSt body *Never noticed the mistake before*. Only 2003 Girls own it. I could make a review of every body kind and particularities, but later!)

And, for all the dreamers, or the ones wondering "which pullip release/models is she talking about?", her is the 2003 Pullip list.
I'm not going to do a fully completed list, with every details/rating etc... (Of course, they would all receive a 5/5!). But later, I'll probably write something about each of those cutie pies separatly! 


1- Pullip Debut Wind July

2- Pullip Wind July 

3- Pullip Street July

4- Pullip Moon July

5- Pullip Squall September

6- Pullip Bouquet September

7- Pullip Carol October

8- Pullip Leprotto November

9- Pullip Noir December

10- Pullip WitheredDecember  

... And that's it for a first year. As you can see, 3 pullips were actually released the same month. A bunch of pullip fan agree that Wind is the first one. She is, according to the classification. However, how could you qualified Wind as the FIRST, when three dolls were released at the same time? If you have the answer, leave a comment below.

Kisses, take care cutie pies ♥

Monday, April 28, 2014

Welcome to my attic...

My mind is quite lost in an oldschool world...

I am A. milk, a french girl who loves pullip. Old ones. I mean, Jun planning ones. Especially 2007 and before. Yes, it will seems strange for some of you, but you were surely attracted by the title of my blog, and aren't very surprised (are you?)...

How could I give attention to those old little girls, when you can see the amazing work of groove?

I don't like their work. I don't like the way they changed those collectible dolls to fully commercial products. I bought a groove doll. Because criticize when you don't know is silly. And... Wow. I CAN see the difference. Bad quality vinyl, blurry lips... Very disapointed.
(Lots of newbies don't like you. How dare they??)

I love you, street, arrieta, all those forgotten models, waiting for someone who love them. I do!

This blog is dedicated to you ♥